A tech group, Robokraft Africa is set to train African youths on the techniques and applications of Robotics through a Bootcamp.

Speaking to Newsline Reporter, the Founder of Robokraft Africa, Mr Olaniyan Adewale disclosed that the need to build careers for the youths to become useful in the continent in the areas of robotics and the internet of thing makes them solution providers, job creators and other life long benefits formed the bases for the Bootcamp

“We have seen that the tech industry in the last ten years in Africa has become a hub for other continents. They are coming here to fish for talent”.

“We realised that Africa still lacks a lot when it comes to Robotics. We want to engage the younger ones to acquire practical knowledge when it comes to Robotics technology”.

On benefits to be gained by would-be participants, Adewale, who is also the Tech Director of Techware Innovation Company, added “After participating in the programme, you can start your own company on robotics, embedded systems, and artificial intelligence”.

“We will expose you to big companies in the world to do your internship, so as to have good job experience and get good pay”.

” Also, we will be having a hackathon. Hackathon means the presentation of your project, each participant will showcase their projects before the big and leading tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google e.t.c”.

Explaining the meaning of Robotics in layman’s language, the tech expert said “Many considered robotics to be hard, but it is not. Robotics simply means a way of automating  things using a set of codes or scripts”

“Let me give you an example, Toyota do assemble their car using a robotics system. Robots may not mean something that is moving. As a reporter, I can say I build a robot for you. So during the interview, the robot will on and record the interview automatically. It is just  a way of automating things by using a set of codes.”

He described the coming Bootcamp as a “One-stop Hub” that will accelerate technical knowledge outside the academic environment to wrap up the required programming skills needed in the real world or industry”. It is scheduled to hold in January 2023 in Abuja”.

He enjoined intending participants to visit the organization’s website,