Hafeez Jimoh

Robotics Engineer | ROS Developer | Data Analyst

I have academic experience and background as a Robotics and Computer Vision Engineer. I am able to deliver values in the following areas:

-Writing efficient software that interacts with real robotics hardware such as actuators, sensors and other components e.g. hardware testing and monitoring systems, end of line testers, autonomous robot components
-Python and C++ experience in writing packages to communicate with Robots using Robot Operating Systems (ROS).
-Familiarity with programming ,interfacing and working on LINUX devices.
-Experience with image processing, computer vision, machine learning
-Creating advanced algorithms for the purpose of path planning that are optimized for a variety of constraints.
- Knowledge of SLAM.

I am currently actively seeking summer 2023 internship opportunities in the area of robotics and computer vision.

If you think I'll be a good fit for your team, kindly drop me a mail at jimohafeezco@gmail.com and I'll get back to you!